Bioscience Corridor

Innovation Park is situated in the heart of a growing region within the Tucson metropolitan area, which is noted for of variety of life science disciplines. The Oro Valley area in particular is a product of "organic" growth stemming from a variety of resources fostering recognition as an exceptional place to live and work.

Forbes magazine has ranked Tucson as one of the top 20 "Most Innovative Cities" The city was ranked 31st for technology and science jobs, 27th for creative jobs, 16th in patents per capita and 45th in venture investments per capita.

Two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies --Ventana Medical Systems/Roche and Sanofi and their 1,400 employees --call Innovation Park home.

Start-ups, Incubators and University of Arizona

Home to the University of Arizona, the synergy from the talent and intellectual assets offered by private and public partnerships is driving the recognition of Tucson as place for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The University of Arizona is a rich source for area start-ups and provides robust incubator support. Located a few miles north is the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2 research complex, which is focused on earth science and addressing issues of global environmental change using multidisciplinary research.

In addition, the University of Arizona Bio5 Institute is close by. The Institute focused on agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and science. Bio5 has brought these five disciplines together to tackle the complex biology-based challenges affecting our world.

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Tucson ranked as one of the top 20 most innovative cities.

- Forbes Magazine